Pink Santa

Pink Santa – Is Finally Here!!!
A beautiful Pink Santa that just makes you say WOW!

This Pink Santa is...

- 21 inches high
- 18 inches wide
All pink and white except for the silver belt buckle and buttons & a few items in his bag.

Covered in German Glass Glitter. The suit is covered in medium coarse pink glitter. The fur is covered in a clear coarse glitter. The boots and belt are covered in a white medium fine glitter. And the silver is covered in a silver fine glitter which is actually covered in silver (yes, jewelry silver.)
All of the German glass glitter (except the clear) is silvered before it is colored which will tarnish and age with time.

CAUTION: German Glass Glitter is actually little pieces of glass. Handle with care. Not suitable for Children.

Pink Santa History

This Santa dates back to the 1980’s. The supplier was Apsit Brothers of California. I do not know if this Santa was originally sculpted by one of the Apsit brothers or if they just owned the copyright.  They are made out of Hydocal plaster. Hydrocal is Trade name of US Gypsum's casting plaster, which is harder than the common plaster used in drywall which is a brand name for plaster that is more durable.

During the 1980’s I painted hundreds of these Santas (in traditional red suits) and sold them wholesale. For a few of those years they were represented by Vincent Lippe in the L.A.Gift Mart and the Seattle Gift Mart . Due to the birth of my daughter I stopped painting the Santas in 1989. I kept 4 of them (unpainted) all of these 22 years.

Pink Santa Idea

Now, after these 22 years I got the idea to paint a Pink Santa. I’ve always loved this sculpture and thought it would look elegant in pink and glittered with German Glass Glitter.

Click Here to view more photos of the Pink Santa

$750.00 + S&H $30.00

In our home I decorate with the traditional red and green colors but have been gradually adding a little pink vignettes here and there.

This Pink Santa is for those who love Santa... and love their pink!!!

This Pink Santa is truly a conversation piece. He is a modern looking Santa but because of the vintage glitter he really holds his own amongst vintage pink Christmas decor. As a standalone decoration he is really quite impressive.

If you are looking for something unique to put with your current pink Christmas decor, start adding a few pink vignettes into your traditional Christmas decor or just need that one impressive item to put on your mantle. This Pink Santa is for you!





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